Pro Democracy Terms, Disclosures & Limit To Users

  • Pro Democracy Terms, Disclosures & Limit To Users

Pro Democracy Terms, Disclosure & Potential Limit To Users

AGGRECOST™, it's B-Corp or non-profit partners or affiliates not limited to The North American Insitute of North America, Materials Management of North America, Earth Materials, BYLT or applicable applications or view layers are considered a privilidge cooperative of underlying infrastructure based on eliminating the years of problems plaqing the United States and it's allies critical infrastructure and business supply chains.

As a collective AGGRECOST or it's partners, users or stakeholders may restrict or suspend threats to the system or data intelligence at will with no notice and for any reason. Including forfieture of assets, data or any other asset deemed under law.

Money laundering, illicet venture capital and transfer of funds beyond federal juristictions do no go away if you simply use bitcoin.

These terms and conditions are under further review and will be expanded. BYLT offers the first of its kind defi hybrid system but with optional democratic economic solutions and mediations when needed.


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