Cyber, Digital, Communication & I.T. Emergency Response

Cyber, Digital, Communication & I.T. Emergency Response



Emergency On-Site, Remote and Mobile Response Services. Including Support For Security, Cyber Attacks, Critical Infrastructure, Espionage, Social Engineering, Data & Intelectual Property


AGGRECOST™ data management techs DMx™ along with forensic in house laboratories, mem chip and firmware forensics, clean rooms, and chain of custody to provide a level of trust, respect and resources that have led to successful tracking, auditing and forensics cost analysis to re-coup losses directly from the source of the problem. We thrive on returning funds to the insurance companies and parties at fault in order to reduce inflation and not rewarding criminals and internal compromises and espionage including developers and infrastructure managers.


Our program managers PgM™ also handle specialists teams, legal specialists, insurance coordination and agency involvement and cooperation to make sure these problems are resolved with minimal costs and the highest level of insulation to our stakeholders and clients.

In addition to core security and intelligence services AGGRECOST™ maintains mobile & vessel Command Centers for deployment and support of emergency system and communication systems or temporary restoration efforts for mission critical operations.