Forensic Cyber Attack Cost Investigations & Analysis

Forensic Cyber Attack Cost Investigations & Analysis
AGGRECOST™ offers management not only to represent the victim or company through means of specialized legal representation but also the support services of specialized investigators and technical experts.
A cyber event in most cases goes agains the insurance policy of the company attacked and can cause extensive damages to future claims, policy amounts, cost of doing business, cancelation, migration and hardening costs, proper data scanning and code rewriting. Costs associated with a cyber event or outage can be extremely complex and involve many parties, legal teams and infrastructure providers.
Aggregated costs associated could last years or decades and with more and more sophisticated attacks, social engineering and even employee involvement risk has never been higher.
Insurance company response teams are in most cases negligent, remote and lack the proper tools or hygiene to handle such matters and you require a step by step strategic approach in order to document and legally handle liabilities and reimbursements.
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