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AGGRECOST™: From $300 Million Dollar Projects That Can Not Get Done To Under Budget And Better Designed.

Development For Real Estate Investments And Construction Roll Outs

Columbus Commons – New Britain, Connecticut

May 3, 2023 – AGGRECOST™ was built on dealing with incompetence and corruption. From seekers of payoffs to unlawful cease and desists. That is the industry unfortunately and the geopolitical landscape is worse then ever. Not just AEC but all industries in one way or another.

Making money for everyone is hard for certain people to understand because of who they represent and why they were put there. Preventing change is their job. Obstructing and interference the game.

Look, watch and observe. Let them go first… See how they operate and connect the dots. Get a pattern of “typical”. Start by inventing a new transparency…. not by the norm but just the way you use project controls.

We want to teach, program, make aware and move on. Developing plans to spec book with a new formula and right to the bid sheet. Leaving no scope overlaps, room for change orders or the contractors who normally work for he Project Manager to leave change orders on the tables due to the Architects mistakes or other engineers.

You have to have someone that makes everyone happy, faster and that all compounds to aggregates profits or operating budgets. It is not anything AI can teach you or a green structural engineer. Avoid putting all your faith in the architects hands. There is a reason why the insurance for Architects has skyrocketed. Mostly due to being over worked, copy and paste specs and leaving money on the table through holes in scopes of work.

A contractor is bread to bid to the bid sheet. They want the change orders and they sure wont tell you if they know. They will hit the project up the whole way and push the budget over by 25% or more. State or Municipal properties is worse and that is the norm.

Pigs Eat. Hogs Get Slaughtered.

Founding the company was contributed to dealing with Public oversight and regulatory corruption. It takes years to see the patterns who and how it works. Where it stems from, and then how to break it apart in a way by reverse engineering. Leaving no money on the table. A contract that works. Insulating the project owner or developer. Money always will and always does get distributed correctly. Making those distributions larger is what matters, getting corrupt people to understand or change is a problem. It is also a problem no Artificial Intelligence can fix but by loss shifting by design.

AGGRECOST™ founded in 2013 after the founders 15 years in estimating and hands on construction brought new methods and deliverables. Not by just getting hired or contracted but by being ahead of the curve.

Using the basic tools at hand like overpriced proprietary software’s such as Bluebeam and AutoCad or Construction cloud will just help you document the inflation while you think you are saving money. Adding to the problem. You have to investigate everything. Down to the window specs and tint or technical. Rebar, Insulation. Most problems or missed or over-specifications, details wrong or from the last project, problems usually start on all projects stem from engineers and architects. But the project owner wont know… They are the architect. Every project is mostly re specified or corrected. From shear walls, to sound rating and UL separations to sheet-rock or the building envelope. Processes that are not understood or from the last project they did.

Most engineers being mechanical or even architects are given free reign and change orders are mostly sometimes 25-40 percent in just costs, Time delays and credibility are another problem. Some projects the engineers will ignore the proper best option because of legal kick backs by specified equipment suppliers and or architect relationships in the same manner as the Project Manager.

Some states or most states put an architect in charge of feasibility or program management. This is the worst thing you can do and the most expensive. It takes time to understand a need and a want from a development site. How the project will get from concept to completion without wiggle room for mentioned budget blowouts. Knowing the codes, knowing the processes and knowing what will work best and the logistics to do it.

These days you must be even more careful because you have Artificial Intelligence trained on public or open data. Telling you what you are saving or how to do it. In reality your adding to inflation or now more dependent and vulnerable from reality.

From Construction Specification Institute (CSI), which is ran and written by McKinsey & Co., to AIA and looking at the issues. Then you have Vetrans Affairs with there own code, Military, State Dot, Then Federal DOT, and Railroad and MTA for example.

One major problem is large firms of Architects, especially that are underpaid and overworked; kinda like lawyers used to be when America functioned more as a team. We bring extensive knowledge and ingenuity the table. We might be working on a whole new system…. who knows..

What Do You Do?

So who can you trust. Nobody. Build it out in your mind. Have the experience to know from first hand experience, first year mechanical engineer or most architects have never built anything or have the process ability or bandwidth to handle the amount of functions. A computer can not either. They need support. Mostly re-simulations and review, forecasting of risks they know or not and how to hedge them.

How do you prove a new delivery method not built on interests of a party or one person for a slaughtering condition? It is not something people who develop blockchain or crypto currency will fix. They have no experience or relevant idea but to steal or as what we see stall and shake down. You have to know first hand. Obviously know what they will expect and what they will do as typical.

Like Chick-fil-A®? Tear The Project Apart.


Start From The Earth Subsurface Layers

Look at everything. Pre-construction engineering and investigation must be one of the most important things and usually never done correctly. Get your bore sample and model your layers. Using ground penetrating radar is another task and money well spent. Missing some ledge or a rock, maybe even the wrong soils that will not meet Special Testing can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Showing a new delivery method is intimating to a contractor or owner but when they see the result and how well they are insulated things change.

You design the process and plans to correlate and not allow front loading or scope overlaps. No change orders, who to have bid, logistics, a lot comes in to play.

How Do You Do It?

You show one time that you can make all stakeholders and or the people looking to get slaughtered how to make money. You have to get there though and it usually starts at concept. Sure we have fixed projects when they could not get off the ground when its time to build but it is something you need to set in motion well before. Even before you hire an Architect or Civil engineer.


Being involved with value engineering and strategic workflows is not just replacing product specifications through change orders. The way it is written, insurance requirements, pre-investigtion works and making sure that the best contract and procurement method is chosen, written and ready for rapid bidding, review and leveling so everyone moves faster, cheaper, and makes more profit – while having more time and more projects.

It’s actually by making a project what it should be and with better materials and better grade, less process or staging, supplying certain materials rather than a markup, through better specification, better products, and better processes.

Loyal Players. Everyone Makes More Money

You have to say… Let me see what your working with. Who is the problem. And lets show them how they can make money, and make sure everyone does.

It’s first project with affordable housing to be brought in on was a smaller firm but needing to make and follow through on high profile awards.

The projects in every state need and mostly deal with oversight committees, bond oversights, DEEP cleanups and a budget. Most importantly which they usually never do is perform outreach correctly and distribute fairly with a real competitive biding and or procurement process. The industry does and its week point is Kickbacks. Contract steering in one form of another. CHRO compliance and CHAFA oversight. By doing an independent audit even at the latter stage AGGRECOST Over 10 Years AGGRECOST™ Has From Start To Finish, Or Been Brought In To A Project That Could Not Be Done To Make Sure It Could. Not By Making It Cost Less With Inferior Products But From Strategic Value Engineering And Program Management, Costing, Control Points And Process Engineering. From $2 Million to $300 Million. Brought Over 6,500 Units Of Environmental Communities Of Affordable Housing Coast To Coast. From Concept To Commissioning. Bringing Strategic Passive Design At Scale. and assure the stakeholders, insulate them, and design a proper outreach, feedback and compliance that one could model off of.


Since then the company over the years has been involved in Affordable Housing developments in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode, Island, coast to coast including Virginia adding a compiled 6700 units to market when they said it could not be done.



By being given the opportunity to review the owners problems and how the process, drawings, specifications and procurement is being done you learn a lot. Every project needs a unique result and solution. Its process engineering. Then that has to be overseen and distributed and executed correctly independently with project controls and points that alert you of a potential unforeseen issue. That could be lumber is going to sky rocket or the building inspector will be looking for a payoff. Getting a formula for success launched a worldwide systematic rollout. Streamlining and cost saving passed on to more locations.


When we were brought into handle the portfolio roll out the plans and specifications were a disaster. Change orders everywhere. Mostly union locations where for example 1 hour extra for one man will cost alone $200. We developed a first of its kind document and deliverable. Adding to the drawings a responsibility matrix in coded format that correlates to the specifications book to the custom bid sheet designed not to allow front loading or it allows to identify risk. Take a look. It is a lot more advanced now and in real time. But its knowledge and controllable. Identifiable data that is priceless.

Project Delivery Begins Accepted.

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