IP, ML, & Artificial Intelligence Theft, Terms & Conditions

Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Machine Learning & Artificial Inteligence

AGGRECOST and it's Partners like BYLT designed the platform to learn and compensate it's users to create AI or ML dumps or Geospatial intelligence, case-studies or research papers that by royality and licenses is distributed accordingly to stakeholders and users or their assets and entities. This data is considered, propriatory personal or business property and is kept under chain of custody and specialized data transfer data centers.
AGGRECOST or it's partners may spike data or lay data traps to pull from AI models and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. AGGRECOST and it's partners have developed a database over 5 years of tracking movement of intelectual property theft, reverse engineering and confirmed AI patent filling applications that involve reverse engineering and data theft.
These terms, conditions and penalties are being expanding.
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