Material Quantity Takeoff Service Surveying For Manufacturer & Supplier

Fast Services Designed Specifically For Material Manufacturers & Product Suppliers

AggreCost understands profitability and the percentages of winning a bid to supply the materials or products your company distributes or manufactures. We develop a plan that will help your bottom line and maximize the reach of your company. Increased sales are a given when you have more time to work on the price of your product and less time on counting quantities. You will have more time to find and source projects.

We will develop an affordable, effective, streamlined program for our companies to work without friction together in our collaborative cloud workspace application.

Our quantity surveying and take-off services are fast, accurate and effective. Call us today to request a demo or sample specifically for your organization.


On Screen Take-Off

Receive your color coded drawings back with corresponding excel sheets and PDF for easy collaboration.

Our customized reports can be laid out in multiple formats quickly. Easy to submit directly to the Project Owner as a Schedule Of Values. We can display and run the data on multiple levels for internal use including labor, hours, overhead, profit and additionally for materials, equipment and sub-contractors. Easily track and manage in excel or your system or ours.

Construction Estimating & Take-offs