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An AGGRECOST PgM™ THROWBACK: AECx™ Pre-Launches Its Patent-Pending Workflow App On The BYLT™ Platform With xD™ Connectivity™ To Revolutionize AEC & Other Industry Marketplaces, Teams & Project Deliverables

AECx™ Pre-Launches Its Patent-Pending Workflow App On The BYLT™ Platform With xD™ Connectivity™ To Revolutionize AEC & Other Industry Marketplaces, Teams & Project Deliverables The new workflow app will provide a first-to-market holistic solution for AEC professionals to effectively manage, scale, streamline, and execute business operations and functions alongside stakeholders in a manner that utilizes and supports the emerging gig and remote working economy.

August 19, 2020 Milford, Connecticut, USA Today, AECx™, a trademark and subsidiary venture of ConveyanceTechnology™, subsidiary of (Superior Conveyance LLC), announces the pre-launch of its first-to-market new era chained hybrid “SaaS” or embedded social operating system with expandable apps, sandboxes and proprietary gChain™ chain of custody with clerks offices and other used for other indusries or registry authorities which will revolutionary aid in expanding the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry and other markets.

AGGRECOST the program manager and industry leader in financial analysis has been project lead and in addition to algorithms has been the pioneer of the construction & commissioning of new era edge centers and backbone infrastructure not seen before from new devices to connectivity pioneering and the associated additives and new technology needed to bring it all together whether land, subsurface, space air or sea.

AECx™ has completed its beta user testing and is now in the process of accepting new enrollment applications. User candidates are construction professional freelancers, lawyers, project managers, architects, and engineers etc., accompanied by vendors and suppliers including site work contractors that house earth materials and aggregates.

AECx™social network approach to “search, solicit, schedule, sale” allows for individual professionals, companies, and company employees to be discovered by niche skills and filtered categories with algorithms and formatting specifically for the construction & development vertical. Searching for materials and vendors will work in the same fashion including geo-location functionality. Additionally, contracting tools such as minority and small business participation as well as goal tracking are incorporated within the app.

Besides AECx™‘s vast array of resources found in the public social media platform, the inclusion of the “Opt In” and or hide and operate module for business and project management applications is a first ever which makes the app exceptionally unique.

Such a function allows for automatic lists of available real time external resources and materials to be instantaneously generated within the Project Portal and collaborative team Task and CPM Center. ERP’s, CRM’s, and in its Operating Systems or contemplated apps or industry sources.Either an individual or a firm can enroll businesses, site materials, and employees’ abilities. Performance, bonding, and items such as licenses and certifications are made viewable for stakeholder’s considerations. Cut RFQ’s to real time or any amount of time you like while maintaining compliance legally.

AECx™ caters full project and business management tools to help run an entire business, design firm, or construction company from HR to Finance. AECx™ hosts a suite of mechanisms all within one app that can run from anywhere including when offline.

New solutions for organizations to successfully conduct their operations allows individual freelancers, consultants and businesses to search for suppliers and products, send Bids, RFP’s and PO’s as well as proposal invitations for deliveries and supply chains. Booking requests for rental equipment can quickly be inquired along with on demand professionals directly from the company’s team project management portal or integrated Gantt chart, clash and collaborations, geobim, dynamic modular objects and geospatial first – all while collaborating all in real time with the Project Team Members. Users and companies gain real-time specifications analytics and supply chain forecasting as well as use of PASSPORT social abilities, case studies and news article contributions, press releases and marketing.

“On-Demand Talent” and “Gig” Professionals ranging from Architects to Lawyers can be employed and through the ingenious tools encapsulated within AECx™ and AECx News™ or PASSPORT™, all team members working on a project can be directly brought together through the work of the management software without leaving the app. Tasks and critical path method project items can be scheduled, hired, or tasked to internal employees as well as short-term on task oriented professional candidates and suppliers from its network of users and the marketplace. Although the marketplace will be free to list and search the SaaS ERP, CRM and Project Management Apps will in fact have a subscription charge but all accounts come with free connectivity and base communications, social and news, alerts, streaming and PASSPORT.

“We wanted to build a solution that bridged the gaps of the market and helped those in the AEC industry easily manage every aspect of their workflow and growth – all in one app that anyone can use,” said Anthony Patrick Urbano, Founder of AECx. “I am delighted to share AECx with the broader community for feedback after following successful testing with beta users.” “After bringing together decades of development, we have begun our patent processes and are now devoted to helping our users and subscribers maneuver the app and accommodate their needs during the next few months and migrations to a new holistic secure data ownership system.”

“Moreover, we are also working towards other industry verticals, business environments, and licenses which are actually essential pieces absent in this era of the gig or real time and last mile needed economy. “Protecting the users and their experiences, resume and skills algorithms they can leave a company, get hired, start a company instantly, take a secure entry and exit gig task or and a multitude of crosschain sponge system industries with a single point to observations across all sectors and resources simply with a swipe. Data ownership are a right and a privileged and the app with user guided boards and voting allow bilateral industry needs and handle the “Exchanges” where live market insights and data are available for financial institutions and oversight.

“User protections and data block transport and broker any AI/ML etc data to be sold or brokered on the behalf of the users to benefit society and also user benefits. A corporation and their products have the same rights. They will know live product insights on installed locations if allowed, send recalls, know where and when a products is spec’d and forecasting not seen before.”


“As a member of the press and community we do not want to exclude any source and give a the same press portal to all journalists and press with protections and those wishing to reach the masses like independent journalists and other companies knowledge base case studies, live streams for broadcast stations and news, podcasts interactive models etc” “They can turn anything into a task or action”


The software is self downloadable as a progressive installation or on devices and edge immutable controls and works on all devices. White label and custom domains are available for hybrid https access and publications. The application also functions offline. Government and Emergency response uses and model entry will be invaluable to industry and prevention. Preexisting buildings have the option of adding self modeling to live viewer map by bylt in devices on site utilizing secure proprietary propagation technologies.

The company spawned from B-corps has established industry boards and specifications based on the new systems and each industry representations. North American Institute Of Construction Professionals™, Inc. a pending b-corp or aka NAICP™ developed systems and specifications in order to train users on new licenses and certifications ranging from spectral identifications, other costs, program managements to drone, UWB, laser and other waves and others like invisible and near light and plasma, spectral ID or photonics and other Wave technology.

With protected manufactures products, Architects work and more including aggregated data for users, assets and more based on algorithms and chain of custody etc including finaincials. While giving connected global realtime specifications in projects and forecasting and recalls. This also in coordination with the additives needed for new era manufacturing with Materials Management Of North America, LLC (MaterialsManagement™) MMNA™ , EarthMaterials™ Earth Materials of North America LLC, and AGGRECOST™ OF NORTH AMERICA BENEFIT CORP and its other inline governing bodies.

You can learn more about the platform here: https://bylt.news/bylt-bilateral-kinetic-telecommunication-company-pitch-book/

About AECx™ Test Bed Vertical while all industries are in same system.

AECx™, www.aecx.app, www.aecx.news , aecx.exchange on www.bylt.news and foundational underpinning by North American Institute Of Construction Professionals, Inc (NAICP™) and others. The conglomerate is the first to utilize a proprietary inline-chained with mesh type functionality and data ownership and programmable schema device similar to a “tokenisation” or “NFT” system, solving the energy issues and costs while completing a fully self shard-able, scalable, self healing, private or sharable, immutable but manageable inline governing and ethical foundational safeguard through connected industry real-time unlimited transactions and communications, streams etc and data with associated outflow and residuals for real time cost datas, statistics and analytics to is media outlets and proprietary Exchanges coming to market, users protections for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning with residuals and sustainable business models. real-time unlimited transactions and communications etc for is a newly launched, first-to-market workflow tool and social economic modular hybrid operating system that is implemented to revolutionize industries. The geospatial operating system and B-Corp pending platform offers a project and program management platform, user benefits, new era chain networks with a range of tools AEC professionals need to succeed, all in one app from Geo Bim to clash detection and inline secure transactions direct geospatially or from the task or screen. The patent-pending app completed beta user testing and is now accepting new user registration for on demand professionals, consultants, vendors and suppliers. AECx™ is a trademark of ConveyanceTechnology (Superior Conveyance LLC) www.conveyancetechnology.com All questions can be directed to social@bylt.app or legal@bylt.app and learn more about the other connected social industry social economic systems.

These are protected by Trade Secrets, Patent Applications Filed, Available at law, Marketed or Copyrights And Predate Any Issued Or May Be In Dispute Of. Use information or attempted use of technology at risk of enforcement’s of a portfolio combined starting in 1999-today. Find More Information On Our Terms.

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