Trademarks, I.P. Disclaimers And Our Use Cases

Trademarks, I.P.  Disclaimers And Our Use Cases

AGGRECOST; its managers, succeeders, subsidiaries or agents not limited to partners and affiliates that may include not limited to: SUPERIOR CONVEYANCE, LLC, BIDBOX, LLC, BYLT LLC & BYLT MEDIA, MATERIALS MANAGEMENT OF NORTH AMERICA, NORTH AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS and holding companies manage and own rights to trademarks spanning multiple segments, markets and industries and cover items not limited to:

  1. Geospatial, geological, earth materials, space, software, apps, cloud, hybrid cloud, zero trust and knowledge based applications, escrow, banking and identity verification, creation of tokenized or immutable and serialized backed currencies and protections including transactions and conveyance from digital to physical from new banking ATM's and Services from Banks, banking insurance protocols and algorithms, cyber tracking and security, intelligence, and energy specifications, use monitoring and sourcing, supply chains, products, shipping, gaming and simulations for educational or entertainment, talent sourcing and on-boarding as well as including but not limited to manufacturing.
  2. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Data dump processing/brokering/chain of custody, environment, social media, news, interplanetary and planetary, gamified and knowledge based kinetic movements of developments, projects, causes, investments, geo-political intelligence, and risk identification, geographical multiview and interactive real time peer to peer edge technologies through advanced platforms and networks including but not limited to use cases not limited to D.O.T., Firms, Consultancies, Expert Witnesses, Military, AEC, Programmers & Tech Workers in fields not limited to real time commerce, digital and physical assets, emergency response, communication networks, ledgers, point of sale, HR, on-boarding, ERP, CRM, access to asset sharing and control, block chain and in-line environmental chains including procuement, investment and ESG.
  3. Commication or PASSPORT, tranfser, storage, of specimens, exhibits and discoveries, procurement, consultancies, etc and or within "virtual or digital worlds, "defi" and or "decentralized" and or "meta-verse" or "web3,4,5,6" etc and layers added to cartographic, optic, optical, fo example wavelengths or frequency, including materials and our fields of quantum or qubit or other processing including but not limited to magnetic, nanascale, mediated, photon,  nanoscale, graphene or optical, opto-electronic and visual or laser processors and transmission of data or energy, light, or otherwise intergrated with hardware and or assets and sensors. Such systems are stationary, portable, interplanetary, and or integrated or pulled. Support for or in addition to XR/xD displays that include and or storage which may or may not include underlying infrastructure of networks, streams or otherwise hybrid technology like decentralized intranets etc and proprietary products and research in collateral fields of evolution. Multilateral Protocol Dubbed “Hybrid Intralized Interplanetary Protocol” ( HIIP™)
  4. A trademark refers to a word, phrase, symbol, or design that serves as a distinctive identifier of the origin of goods or services, including the appearance of a product or its packaging. The following is a non-exhaustive list of AGGRECOST, Subsidiaries & Partners trademarks and service marks. AGGRECOST maintains and services under first in use law within applicable countries and or other enforcement laws.


If using these marks in publications, pages and or digital/non digital products distributed solely within the United States, include the appropriate ™ and include a credit within the image and or digital asset/page. Furthermore the BYLT affiliated And AGGRECOST products, services and devices including networks and other company services are known and first in use already throughout the world and have been marketed to every country through documentation. Clients can be not limited to distribution, telcoms, governments or agencies, individuals and private contractors licensed to use the existing networks and products offered in their geographical or geospatial reason.

A suggested generic term for each trademark is included in the list. In all publications, use an appropriate generic term after the trademark on its first appearance, followed by frequent use of the generic term thereafter. Note that these generic terms are only suggestions, and there may be other equally suitable terms.

For guidance on the proper use  trademarks, refer to the "Guidelines for Using AGGRECOST Trademarks" document or contact the Trademark team at

The absence of a product, use case or service name or logo from this list does not waive AGGRECOST's trademark or other intellectual property rights related to that name or logo including documented beta program solicitations to individual markets or segments for unlimited application development on top of the BYLT™ or PASSPORT™ program infrastructure or AGGRECOST™ subsidiary programs and products.

The temporary absence of a mark or product due to cyber espionage, hacking, ddos, downing or erasure does not waive AGGRECOST's trademark or other intellectual property rights related to that name or logo. Registering or attempted hijacking of such assets or debts during such events is a crime and a crime of cyber stalking in the state of Connecticut any other states.

Tokenism and timestamped evidences are available upon requests and cease and desists are issued regularly and records maintained, including but not limited to competitor uses and or manipulations of data for the use of prosecution and civil litigation.

Current Infringing Companies Proceeding To Litigation And Injuries To Entities

CASE TM-2 ImmutableX and Polygon Web3 violated known trademarks used globaly, using knowlingly and infringing on the PASSPORT™. Notified Immediatly & Issued Cease & Desist, Proceeding To Litigation. First notification November 2022. Investors should use due diligence when performing or investing in this entity for liabilities. We are first in use in Passport™ and not in a generic term within hybrid, defi and Operating Systems which include user options to store or use any asset including stored games, simulations and training through immersive technology. Worldwide sales and marketing expenses on behalf of our entities, confusion and brand theft damages to be enforced. Web3 in there use and is in violation, non controllable to geographic laws and is just released causing confusion, fund raising and due diligence expenses. Handles, and any ip to be destroyed or conveyed. In addition the companies including Google Cloud involvment violated copyright and previously published technology imitating network improvements industry wide while still under right to patent from first sale. While surpassed in layer, zero trust, oracle or network knowledge and in bridge technology the companies have raised billions. Below statements show expansion into and infringing in our markets further causing damages, injuries and on going confusion and creditbility issues that are non regulated like there operations which are unlawful normally.

 The white paper dated 2021 after our protocols and technology including our PASSPORT™ and the definitions have been copied in addition to other protocols and tokenization protocols etc. The white paper mentions no use of a PASSPORT but a wallet and no mention of gaming as they stretch into publically further field and our markets. They are partnered with Etherium, Polygon and Google to expand further into our designed hybrid decentralized intranet systems and devices. Brand damaged are detrimental to our entities as the credibility is contagious and unneccearly causing damages to legitimate operations. The white paper itself describes the immense risks and damages that can and do occur and cause brand damage to our TM. In addition the legal risk disclosure States This Legal Notice and Risk Disclosure Statement (the “Notice”) is provided by Digital Worlds Ltd. NFTS, a British Virgin Islands business company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with limited liability (collectively with its affiliates, “we”, “our” or “us”). Immutable Pty. Ltd. is an independent service provider to Digital Worlds Ltd. NFTS to provide exclusive technology and other related services for the Project. The companies have several misleading and deceptive business structures spanning and operating, induce tremendous risk to brand damage and uncontrollable use within other partnerships. Further more our introduction of NFT or Tokenization towards this technology supercedes all publications from the mentioned parties. We demand a cease and desist from all use of PASSPORT™, a tm owned and in countinours use first for the specifific and same industries. There can not be to PASSPORTS™ within web3, hybrid, tokenization or benifet control as we developed it. In addition supercede mobile and peer to peer ecomomic transactions, smart contracts and infrastructure by years.

Filed Report ID: 3-7081000033967 5-14-2023

  • Polygon and web3 gaming blockchain project Immutable are collaborating to launch a Layer 2 blockchain network called Immutable zkEVM.
  • Immutable zkEVM will leverage ZK-Rollup technology for scalable Ethereum smart contracts, and in the future, it will be secured by validators who stake matic tokens.
  • GameStop will be integrating Immutable X’s technology into its NFT marketplace. In addition, there will be joint business development efforts to grow the developer, artist and gaming studio ecosystem on Immutable X via the GameStop NFT marketplace.
  • As a part of the toolkit, Unity is adding support for 13 different blockchain-based software developer kits (SDKs), from chains and products including Algorand, Aptos, Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, Immutable X, MetaMask, Solana and Tezos.

CASE TM-3 "BYLT BY CHIP" Then AKA 'BYLT" Then AKA "BYLTE" for infringing purposely on multiple trademarks in use for same fields. First notification September 2021. Titan Holdings Investors should use due diligence when performing or investing in this entity for liabilities.

CASE TM-4 Earth Materials LLC aka Earth Dynamics LLC AKA Earth Materials of Connecticut- Registered On 09-21/2021 as Earth Materials by Business Email Address: then changed name to Earth Materials Of Connecticut LLC on 4/5/2023 Trademark infringement by violated TM in same fields for multiple years with a generic term including legal confusion, value and brand damages but not limited to. NAICS Information: Construction Sand and Gravel Mining (212321) and in violation of a continuing use trademark and first in use and owned by the entities since 1997 including intelectual property and digital assets in use, marketed and continuously. In violation of EarthMaterials.Com™  Earth Materials™, Earth Materials of North America™, Earth Materials News™ , Earth Materials Exchange™  Earth Materials Real Time™ Data and Cost Data including violations to its hybrid decentralized operations, business model and investments, commerce, research and markets. Violations creates confusion and a well known Trademark was done with knowledge of known IP and active marketed products worldwide. Agent's Name: MARGARITA HAIDOUS GALEY Business Address: 46 Bradbury Ln, Coventry, CT, 06238-3101, United States Residence Address: 116 Sean Cir , Coventry, CT, 06238-1663, United States Mailing Address: 46 Bradbury Ln, Coventry, CT, 06238-3101, United States. Recent Authorization by James Galey - MM and filed by Christine Guilmette of Updike, Kelly & Spellacy Firm on 12/29/2022 - 260-548-2600

CASE TM-5  Earth Materials located at 440 La 22 W, Madisonville, LA 70447 a previously entity owned domain. Registered 8/24/2021 and failure to list business address. Not in good standing for failure to file annual report. AGENT: Alisa Nye 610 Seabicuit Loop, Madisonville, LA 70447- OFFICERS Alisa Nye, Member & Thomas Nye, Manager. Cease and Desist And Request Dissolved.

CASE TM-6 Earth Materials LLC infingement and false advertising. The name is not registered. The name registered is Copertino Earth Materials LLC After years of cease and desists, incorporated 4/16/2012 ignored cease and desists, generic use and fruadulant invoices recieved by our entities and customer confusion calls about fake invoices and confusion with regards to national brand recognition since TM in 1997. Service Brands and consultancies, products are performed on a national and world market level by the tm owner  entities and their brands including digital IP apps for materials deliveries, algorithms, research and development and product development, news and emerging markets including data unions and geological connected mapping for our entities xD™. Damages exceed 10 years and require immediate cease and desist, forfeiture of domain names and any confusing handles or account names in addition to damages or injuries.

CASE TM-7 Eversource violation and copyright of first in use trademark logo for Earth Materials Established 1997 and in continous use since within same geographical area and markets. Colors and resemblence is a blaintent copy of such logos and trademarks. Damages exceed 10 years and were notified and common knowledge. Immediate cease and desist required, removal of logos from vehicles and documents, recind and registered trademarks in violations of copyrights, confusion and damages to the environmental and responsible party holder Earth Materials. The logo takes a well known and respected logo used for not environmentally aware business and overstepped its boundries within the same town of business

Earth Materials Logo          Eversource Logo




These entities and others that have been linked to stolen IP, Infringement, Hijacking, injuries, Trade Secrets, Infringement and Unfair and illegal business practices including but not limited to fraud may be requested in due dilligence requests to potential startups or enforcement agencies by emailing



AECx™- Market data, news, information and geospatial modeling & Applications Related To Architectural, Engineering, Construction & Related STEM and Robotics

NAICP™ North American Institute Of Construction Professionals (

MMNA™ Materials Management Of North America (

BidBox™™- Retail, Wholesale Procurement Application For Digital & Physical Products


PgM™ & PgE™ - Pogram Manager & Program Engineer - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

PrcE™ & PrcM™ - Process Engineer & Process Manager - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

CPgM™, CosT™, CostE™, QtyS™ - Cost Analysis & Survey Analysis - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

BIM-PgM™, DM-PgM™, BIM-DMx™ & xD™ - Building Information Modeling - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

DgTwn™ & PgM-7d™ - Digital Twins, 7D & xD™ - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

gChain™, LZRx™, GISx™ & GPRx™ - GIS & GEOSPATIAL - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

INFRAx, SURFx - Infrared and other combined technology imaging and protections - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

FLYx™, Drones And Drone Equipment - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

EMx™, Earth Material Science & Analysis - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

RFIDx™, NFx™, LDRx, GEOx™, UWBx™ AIRx™, OPTx™ - Wireless & Geospatial - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

Rmgr™ - Risk Management - Certified Professionals, Educational Programs

AECx MARKET DATA™ - Market Segment and Brands For Data Distribution

gChain™ Geospatial & Spatial chain of custody/ledger technology not limited to including permits, land records, models, geological, crime, liens, data and titles etc

AGGRECHAIN™ Ledger , Chain Of Custody Technology & Related Fields

.bylt™ File type for modular component assets and connected mapping, data and availability, locations, recalls and versioning, specifications and qualifications, intergrating and not limited to energy/enivronmental conveyance tracking

bylt://™ Address protocol 

BUFULO™ and™ Code Program & Project Management With On Premise or Off Premise Versioning Control

TakeOffs™ and™ Accounting, HRM, ERP, CRM, PM etc, Lead Generation, quantities/assets/objects feed and sales automation including on-demand live/ai services

AGGRECLOUD™ and™ Hosting and Custom Application Development Including CRM's, ERP's, & Open Infrastructure

MATERIALS MANAGEMENT MARKET DATA™ - Market Segment and Brands For Data Distribution

EARTH MATERIALS MARKET DATA™ - Market Segment and Brands For Data Distribution

BYLT DATA™ or BYLT MARKET DATA™ - Market Segment and Brands For Data Distribution

ORALIAS DATA™ OR ORALIAS MARKET DATA™ - Market Segment and Brands For Data Distribution


PASSPORT™ Geo-spatial, Physical & Digital Aggregating Ledgers Per User Including Wallet/Accounting/Benefit Management/Inventory/Experience/Specs/Access Control etc. Can also be used to display data in reverse to/on http/www sites and applications providing data to public and or interaction with their employees or clients. Used in but not limited to decentralized and hybrid intranets & internets and cloud or platforms including application entry control. Including but not limited to aggregated data sets based on industry vertical codes such as for healthcare, military, DOT, Construction and not limited to Manufacturing and other definable skill sets etc for example NAICS or client use case.



SUPERIORCONVEYANCE.COM™ and SUPERIOR CONVEYANCE™ LLC - Transactional, Processing, Underwriting, Storage & Filings

BYLT™ - Modular Social Economic Infrastructure & Associated Infrastructure Withing Phyical, Digital, Air, Devices, Batteries and other apparatus.



SOS™ Social Operating System

xD™ Network or Digital Transmission In The Fields Mentioned With Interactive, Chain Of Custody Direct, Interactive and Immersive Layers

HARDHAT™ Devices, Connected Devices, Protective Manufacturing Mixtures And or Related To Additive Mixtures Or Materials Specification or Certification In Product Manufacturing Protecting From New EMF HF, RF, EMF, WIFI, MM WAVE, Optical, Jamming or Extracting threats as well as natural and off grid events including EMP and Solar Flares. Products and integrated security devices for iOT, Alarms, And Notification Systems including wearables that monitor associated human interactions and injuries. Product refers to building design, computer, control panels and data center products in addition. Building products and specifications.



AECx News™







Sample 5th Ave. South, Ste 500
Britt L. Sample
P.O. Box 2608
Phone: 555-123-4567
Fax: 555-123-4567
Correspondent e-mail:
Cease and Desist for Trademark Infringement and Non-Licensing of Trademarks

Dear Sample, Inc.

I am writing on behalf of AGGRECOST LTD ("AGGRECOST"), a company organized under the laws of the State
of Connecticut, with its principal place of business at 9 River Street, Milford CT 06460, to demand that you
immediately cease and desist from any and all unauthorized use of AGGRECOST's trademarks, trade names, and
service marks.

AGGRECOST has invested substantial time and resources in developing and promoting its trademarks, including
PASSPORT™, a login, integration, tracking and experience aggregator, data device or program that is used for
commerce, travel, asset control, supply chain, health care, building access, material ordering, communications,
military, aec, media, news and journalists, controlled agencies, manufacturing, HR, instant onboarding, program
management and project and emergency management. First in use in the the "metaverse, virtual or remote, edge, embedded devices, tv, web3,4,5,6 etc or crypto netoworks, anolog or quantum or otherwise communication and economic infrastructures. 

As well is included in products within a decentralized or hybrid intranet and internet bylt platform, network and other wireless and wave networks including proprietary and user saas, paas, baas etc or other applications within all sectors and markets. In addition we are first in use in geospatial, layers and geographical simulations and models and operating systems. These trademarks are protected
under federal and state law. AGGRECOST & BYLT & BIDBOX & AGGRECHAIN has been the first user and
holder of these trademarks and has the exclusive right to use them in connection with the sale of goods and

It has come to our attention that you have been using AGGRECOST's trademarks without authorization.
Specifically, through standard legal searches and exhibit tracking. This unauthorized use of AGGRECOST's
trademarks is likely to cause confusion among consumers, deceive them into believing that your goods and services
are associated with or endorsed by AGGRECOST, and dilute the distinctive quality of AGGRECOST's marks.
Furthermore, we understand that you have not obtained a license or any other authorization from AGGRECOST to
use its trademarks. This conduct constitutes trademark infringement, unfair competition, and false designation of
origin under the Lanham Act, and it is a violation of AGGRECOST's rights.

We demand that you immediately cease and desist from any and all unauthorized use of AGGRECOST'strademarks, trade names, and service marks, and from any activities that are likely to cause confusion, mistake, ordeception as to the source, origin, or sponsorship of your goods or services. You must also immediately remove and destroy any and all materials that bear AGGRECOST's trademarks, including advertising materials, signage, packaging, labels, and other promotional materials. Not limited to expanding into AGGRECOST's markets and products.

In addition, we demand that you provide AGGRECOST with a written statement, signed under penalty of perjury,
confirming that you have ceased all infringing activities, that you have destroyed all materials bearing
AGGRECOST's trademarks, and that you will refrain from any future unauthorized use of AGGRECOST's

Finally, we demand that you pay AGGRECOST damages in an amount to be determined, which may include lost
profits, reasonable attorney's fees, and other costs and expenses incurred by AGGRECOST as a result of your
infringing activities.

If you fail to comply with this demand, AGGRECOST will not hesitate to pursue all available legal remedies,
including seeking injunctive relief, damages, and any other appropriate relief under the law. Provide pre dated and
validated tokenism evidence, sales and marketing materials, receipts and contracts to void and sue for filings,
damages and not limited to any and all applicable seizures or torts and crimes.

Please respond to this letter within ten (10) days of receipt, indicating your agreement to comply with these
demands. If we do not hear from you within this time frame, we will assume that you do not intend to comply, and
we will take appropriate legal action to protect AGGRECOST's rights.



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