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October 23, 2021 – Milford Connecticut –    AGGRECOST™ together with BYLT™ , sub-contractors and suppliers have begun construction of BYLT™‘s  backbone and research related infrastructure. In order to offer the protections and our foundational intellectual property on market or development since 1997 and continuing patent applications through today and its aggregation of expertise, experience and trails of certified proof of ethics and good cause.

The concurrent collateral products first set the underpinning foundations starting in 2018 to govern and protect each group of industries whom will be connected in this new connected system. Set out to do and deploy its new combined technology as a new user “edge” self installing modular real-time operating system network protecting and processing at the edge of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neuro networks the companies developed and built what did not exist on the markets to satisfy the needs of the futures unknown at the time and in a new economy of products and groups of representations necessary to slowly and responsibly evolve with existing systems over the years in harmony while protecting the rights and ownership on a jurisdictional basis of network travel and processing systems that do not exist.

The infrastructure is part of BYLT™‘s open managed networks consisting of new optical, wireless edge base stations, data and ledger processing centers to work with the company’s signature integrated and embedded solutions. AGGRECOST™ is excited and proud of being a part of this passionate project. AGGRECOST™ has had the pleasure of working on risk and cost management as well as ledger technology and strategic operations.

Details of technology remain confidential and with the climate today protected under the Trade Secret Acts and copy right laws till such USPTO issues are resolved or offer not just here but internationally with are allies specific no known systematic changes needed.

Together the companies started production of a specially connected hard software or embedded hybrid construction in July 2012 with a base of what we know and use today of mobile or cashless payment systems in 1998.

With infrastructure strategy and design starting in 2017 now have a pipeline of new ground up product infrastructure and locations with a infinite adaptable location based system including literal in transit storage system not confined or in one place.

The first hub and development node is located on Milford Harbor in Connecticut and will connect with BYLT’s off-shore operations, research vessels and off-shore base stations. The companies will work with others on boarding industry clients and public but also will be utilizing both inland and off-shore open managed networks for test bed operations and research.

Gathering proper FCC test bed applications to test against the technology we have developed we continue steadfast on creating a new type of “operating system” designed to be sustainable and protected which keeps rights and proper in-line systematic programmatic real-time social resources.

Together with industry the companies hope to make available the tools needed for companies and individuals to on-board and adopt new technology, communications and commerce. The companies have a strong emphasis on mission critical applications, safety, security, data ownership and user shared revenues.

The ethics and sustainable responsible first processes and program management work on a portfolio of new combined products and organizations for all to build one and to gain returns fairly involves democracy, safety, opportunity and to bring this to life from energy new additives and devices.

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