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AGGRECOST™ as acting PgM™ Deploys Proprietary xD™ and HID™ Devices, Systems And Product Lines

xD™ and HID™ Neural Networks and devices. BYLT™ SOS™ and its PASSPORT™ technology

November 2, 2023 –Milford, Connecticut – AGGRECOST™ as acting PgM™ (Program Manager” deploys and commissions the expansion of New Proprietary xD™ and HID™ Neural Networks and devices designed for impressive reversal of inflationary causes from years of control from single source abuses of several markets passing new savings accrued from years of misappropriate dysfunction and existing infrastructure failure, data management or excessive and abuse to users and their data from of a confined internet or products within on premise devices. Introducing new and critical new emerging products, oversight, business formations and bylaws that underpin the new social operating system tying industry and people together in a new way.

BYLT™ SOS™ and its PASSPORT™ technology.

Services and devices including free to all basic communications and access to news in real time while banking and subscription models are available for all targeting those learning and educational but also to assist in the need for Industrial, Institutional, Lab & Research, and new needs for chained Media & Communications as well as corporate and retail uses.

Circular and responsible development will save substantial operating costs and offer a multitude of clean power based choices of its NeuroMaticlines consist of several variable products such as Nuero Pneumatic Energy or Aquatic based or otherwise site specific or community needs capable or transforming other integrating optional modular options and energy storage. Backup power savings and energy costs along with self cooling or heating through new and other non-disclosed technology with high velocity surgical targeting or standard while are expandable to not only industrial machinery but towards a connected grid or independent structure if wanted or powering for backup generators or fuel while not requiring grid reliance introducing new markets and new specifications for many products and creating jobs for new products and emerging markets.

The NeuroMatic™ systems combined offer protected and immutable power with security and energy for smart connectivity that offers the plug in play for emerging equipment and or appliances. The invention will lower costs of appliances and equipment while also eliminating many components in an overall build including standard switch gear, copper, chips, specialized workers and grid connections, code compliance, certifications, maintenance and space. Attachments can also be deployed with vacuum fire suppression new systems and protocol along with non-volitile and other mechanical fail-safe features requiring no electric source even for heating and cooling as we work towards inter-connectivity and combinations with other renewable protected products including our HARDHAT™ additives that are also included in line such as building materials and manufacturing chain of custody designed to work on the xD™ network and all industry products and open compliance.

Buildings or Apartments and or grids with existing gas lines can be re-utilized for distribution on a grid scale or inexpensive fast conversion.

The complete turn key solutions to save enormous energy and space while offering catastrophic protections for infrastructure, devices, and clients. Utilizing a multitude of alternating variable smart technology the system utilizes Infrared or otherwise known as Optical, Plasma, & Invisible light, while where needed for other needed and or distribution media conversion taking advantage of fiber, Ethernet, Coax and new Fiber Optical Over Air including proprietary Optical/Laser and Infrared With RFID Hybrid through smart arrays operating with other test bed tech over two years we dubbed “DISCO BALL”.

The systems and network is made to work with new embedded, marked, injected or a signatory matrix for Materials Management Of North America, Earth Materials Of North America and North American Institute Of Construction Professionals along with other non-disclosed industry representation for the users and products spatially and fusing through new spectral geospatial economic payment and intelligence technology designed into the holistic interfaces making aware of best overall decisions and logistics available and programmatic based of the communicated electronic need or assets like live geobased immersive building files and design process or autonomous based off the new specifications developed including geospatial interactive views with dynamic modeling down to subsurface, building maintenance and ordering, access control and overall structure and maintenance smart detection for faults, recalls and alerts and or anticipation problems.

New advanced chained and verification based devices and source based confirmations are a new identity system with specialized memory and or transmissions.

New infrastructure bringing to market are new racks and “computers” products and devices for all and include Data Centers tower centers or otherwise and will be available for certain customer collocation and rental to utilize new “Connectivity” and will operate in secure protected patent pending racks and newly in-house designed specialized immutable flow servers and devices, sensors, workstations, and power. Businesses will identify the service, security, cost savings and climate goals automatically not possible anywhere else. The systems are designed to operate in any scenario, in real time or catastrophe while offering real time data and invaluable economic data and security including new revenues for local and regional banking partners and industrial and retail alike.

The geospatial network and operating system is an economy in itself and socially bringing everyone together no-matter their education, research or industry. Services are available currently in Connecticut and off shore with immutable sensors, remote controlled devices and or models and control systems where users can operate equipment and or models including lifecycle and realtime product or asset tracking, ordering and maintenance with new inexpensive additive identifications that allow holistic fluent communications and merging and re-programmatic data with circular ability visible with layers and tiles and global views as well as chain of custody and tracking. The hybrid network allows for native location and control of interacting robotics, autonomous vehicles and equipment to safely and quickly complete tasks or be autonomously operated or monitored from any where the user has access to said assets whether building, excavating, forklifts or deliveries and logistics the system is forced kinetic and real time within a economy secure OS.

Residential Services for dedicated or move anywhere start at $59.00 a month and although not needed include 1 Phone Number per device and immutable devices with inline applications, banking and work functionality along with many other features like streaming, messaging and news along with social connections and opportunities. Press, media companies and others take advantage of live relative streaming or listing on demand for hiring, product placement through design or services while keeping single source of data at the source.

Look for new information as we are able to release.

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