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Pending Intellectual Property Litigation Disclaimer

February 11, 2024 – Per transparency disclosure and action AGGRECOST and its foundational partners together know as the “CLASS” have a multitude of multi-jurisdictional Class lawsuits resulting from cyber and physical criminal activity and intellectual thefts, cyber and physical stalking, injuries or otherwise and information related to such intellectual property is presented on said sites and partner sites or partner holdings for which parties hold licenses, rights and equity at law. It should be known that patents filed or trademarks related the violators documented and investigated forensically are complete and are in process of injunctive relief and or other swift remedy at law.

No information herein should be taken as open based intellectual property without rights or lapse. Patents and patent pending remain in force and abatement and reclaim at law in addition to damages. These rights with exception to other parties that date earlier begin in 2017 to the current day. With certain rights continued prior at law, reclaim, adjoined and redemption, were posted, as patent pending on market and first to market and or filed with provisional or otherwise applications including throughout a portfolio of patents, trademarks and or otherwise internationally granted to be reclaimed and those patented will be enforced and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Thank you for your understanding.